Our Story

Born entrepreneurs, we managed to prosper in the Canadian marketplace. We have started from a business idea and we grow to the business development sector helping grow many ideas.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of managers below. You’ll find them to be specialists in business management and to be innovative and creative. They are experts in human and organizational development, and in improving organizational performance through innovation. We bring a diversity of the real world and practical experience.

Mohsen M. Amrei, PhD

Founder & CEO

Mohsen has highly developed technical skills in materials science, quality control, manufacturing processes, and metallurgy as well as metals and non-metallic materials manufacturing processes.
He is a dynamic professional with a remarkable history of performing multiple projects.

James Zareian

Co-Founder & Vice President

James has years of experience in business management, manufacturing, and administration. He has guided our company in its path toward success.

Jean-Francois Giraud

Quality and System engineer

Jean-Francois is an expert in quality and system engineering with decades of experience in the aerospace and manufacturing industries.

New Ideas, New Innovations!

We are always looking for innovative ideas and new people to join our team. Contact us to discuss about your great potentials.