Technical Services

O-INNOTEC offers a variety of technical services as comprehensive packages or in an optional way, depending on your needs. Service packages range from developing simple day to day business management systems to overseeing the entire business operations. O-INNOTEC has special attention to the factors that affect economic viability and sustainability. These technical services are available to provide measures to resolve your business problems. We would love to talk with you about your unique situation. Please contact us to learn more about how we can provide real help right away.


CONTROLPROCESS is our engineering and technical department. We offer a variety of technical services including materials testing, quality control services, and many others. to find out more, please visit CONTROLPROCESS

Business Development

O-Innovation Technologies Inc. (O-INNOTEC) is specialized in business development. We help create and develop businesses from start-up to running prosperous stages. Our goal is to help businesses to overcome their challenges by providing them the required backbone and systems. To find out more please visit our business development department here.


Our marketing department is engaged with activities helping businesses to prosper in their market. We help businesses in their marketing activities from social media development, to website design, graphic design, marketing materials, advertising on various platforms, and many others. Please visit our marketing department to find out more.

Next Steps…

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